Authentication - Product page

All items on the website have been authenticated and quality-checked by RELUX RACK. Let's explain our process below.
Sharp selection
All our bags are carefully selected by our team in order to offer you quality bags with the least signs of wear. We are also listening to your wishes to find the pearls you are looking for!
Internally controlled
Every bag undergoes meticulous inspection by our team to ensure they align with the original Maison standards and meet our quality criteria.
Transparency on quality
We are committed to pointing out all the defects in the bag, whether in the description or through the photos taken by our team.
We are not authorized resellers of any of the brands that we stock. Don't be alarmed - it is rare to find a preloved reseller, that is! That is why it is so important to find a preloved reseller with a specialist authentication team, like us, who can ensure you're investing in genuine luxury goods.

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